Wedding dress shopping: Choosing THE ONE


The thought of choosing your wedding dress can be very daunting – it’s THE dress, the one you’ve been thinking about since you were small, the one you’ll remember for the rest of your life and that will adorn many a mantel piece for years to come.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing the right dress and having recently gone through the process I wanted to share some of my top tips and piece of advice I wish i’d known along the way.

  1. TAKE IT SLOWLY: ┬áTake your time and make sure not to rush into any hasty decisions. You may find that you change your mind a few times over the course of trying on the dresses and thats totally normal – don’t be put off by this and don’t let pushy sales assistants push you into making a decision you’re not sure about. I had one tell me that if I tried on any more dresses outside of her shop, i’ll end up being more confused and that I must buy from her or I won’t be able to find THE ONE.
  2. TRY MULTIPLE BEFORE YOU BUY: Go to at least three or four different stores – by the time you’ve gone to the fourth you’ll have a clear idea of what you like and which store you had the best experience in. You often here of people trying on a dress and immediately knowing its right for them but this doesn’t happen to everyone (especially not the more indecisive of us). I probably tried on 20 before I found my dress.
  3. DONT LET INSTAGRAM SWAY YOU: It’s very easy to get addicted to looking at countless accounts on Instagram of stunning models swathed in beautiful tulle dresses and then be disappointed when you try the same one on. One of the best pieces of advice I was given is that each dress looks completely different on every person so just because it looks good on the model doesn’t mean it will translate in real life. I found that so many times the image on Instagram doesn’t even look like the same dress in real life! Once you’ve got the dress, be strict with yourself and stop looking.
  4. ITS OK TO HAVE A WOBBLE: It’s totally normal when you’re surrounded by so many images of stunning gowns to have a wobble about the dress – remember the reason why you chose it and have another try on. You’ll soon be reassured that you made the right decision.
  5. HAVE FUN: Trying on dresses is one of the things I have enjoyed most about wedding planning – enjoy it! Have fun trying on dresses with your friends and family.


Trying on dresses at Browns Brides with my bridesmaids.


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  1. Lisa Autumn
    21st November 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Ah I can’t wait to see the one you chose X

    xx Lisa |

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