Caring for your Knits: Tips and Tricks


There’s nothing I love more than cosy knitwear, its probably one of my favourite things to wear and over the year’s i’ve begun to invest in some key pieces; from soft cashmere to thick chunky knits and lighter pieces for layering. The older you get you realise the value of good quality knits, staples that you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come and rely on to get you through the colder winter months.

This said, I’ve been doing some research into the best ways to store and care for our knits and have learnt a few new tricks that I thought would be handy to share. In the post I plan on covering everything from hand washing tips to how to keep sweaters fresh and the best way to store them away over the summer months. So let’s get into it…

1| De-bobble your knit

Rather fustratingly, no matter how high quality your knits, you are bound to find the odd bobble or two and instead of trying to pick them off one by one, there is a much easier solution.

Find an old razor, comb, or you could invest in a proper sweater comb and carefully glide it across the garment. Try a patch test first to ensure the technique won’t cause any damage and make sure you are working under good light – working down the jumper following it’s contours and plucking away the unwanted fuzz as you go.

This works amazingly well, especially if you have an older item which is full of bobbles – it’s a great way of restoring life to knitwear and is a technic you could apply to revive any discarded older items or grab yourself a bargain from a charity shop!

For more finely milled items, try a toothbrush instead of a razor.


2| Wear a layer under your knit 

Wearing a base layer under your jumpers can help keep them much cleaner and also mean they are more comfortable to wear if they are particularly itchy.

I don’t know how many knits i’ve loved, bought but when i’ve gone to wear, they’ve been far too itchy and i’ve had to take them off and often not worn again. It’s such a shame and there’s a really simple  solution – invest in a couple of inexpensive long sleeve tees to wear underneath such as this one from ASOS and away you go…


3| Take care when hand washing

Cashmere and other delicate materials need a very gentle washing solution such as Woolite which you can get from most supermarkets. It will clean your delicates without stripping it of it’s natural softness, baby shampoo also works well.

Wash in luke-warm water and then leave it soaking for five minutes. Drain and refill with fresh water to get the soap out and take care to gently fold the item into itself when ringing out.

Place the garment onto a clean towel and fold from the bottom up so the towel absorbs all the excess water. Then pop on a drying rack somewhere warm to dry.

You could also use a steamer between washes – this will not only erase the creases but also act as a sanitiser, killing excess bacteria with the heat and getting rid of minimal odours.

If hand-washing isn’t for you, try putting your garments into a pillowcase and then using the delicate wash setting. This has worked for me in the past, but of course runs the risk of shrinking the item so can be a bit of a gamble!


4|  Vacuum pack for summer storage

If you can, invest some vacuum packs to store away your more luxury and expensive knits over the summer months. This will ensure they are protected against mildew, mould and pesky insects. Make sure they are all clean before packing away. Otherwise store in plastic bags in a cool dry place.


Et Voila! I hope some of this was helpful for caring for your knitwear, especially if you have received any new pieces for Christmas or in the sales! Let me know how you care for your knitwear and any top tips or tricks. xx




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