Alex Monroe Jewellery: A quintessentially British brand


Before I’d heard the name Alex Monroe, I was already familiar with his most famous designs – the beautiful sold gold bird pendants. A statement piece yet elegant and dainty, his jewellery has now become a synonymous British brand and adorn the chest of many celebrities.

It was only recently, while browsing in Peter Jones that I become better equated with his work and fell in love with this Peacock feather necklace. I feel like it’s a timeless piece that is casual enough that I can wear every day but also something quite special to wear for an event or evening party.

What was most interesting was reading the background to the brand and how Alex’s style was born from growing up in the wild Suffolk countryside surrounded by nature and how this is now reflected in his work. He lived a life of adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature’s playground.

In the years to come, this idyllic but eccentric childhood would shape Alex’s jewellery. His love for the natural world continues to provide an inspiration. A fondness for the eccentricities of Englishness provides a touch of humour and nostalgia. A fascination with the intricacies of making things ensures superb craftsmanship.


I’m totally in love with this new piece to my collection and would really recommend his jewellery – it would be perfect as a gift this Christmas, I know I would be thrilled with something like this under the tree. The price point still makes the brand aspirational but at the same time not completely unreachable. The peacock feature necklace was £132.



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