Favourite Instagram accounts

It probably comes as no surprise that scrolling through Instagram on a daily basis is one of my guilty pleasures! Inspired by other posts I’ve seen, I thought I’d share some of my favourite accounts to follow.

1) Tash Oakley
If beautiful destinations and stunning swimwear is your thing then you will LOVE Tash’s insta. This Austrialian beauty travels the world and we get to see her edit of it – beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters and gorgeous clothes. Her year-round tan will make you want to get the tanning mit out pronto!

2) Jacqueline Muktua
This Swedish fashion blogger has an insta to die for. Her photography is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen on Instagram with each image using the same filter and lighting style creating a matrix of Vogue worthy visuals. One to check out for fashion and photography inspiration.

3) Murad Osmann
This is one of the most incredible accounts I’ve ever seen! It’s quite an iconic one so chance are you will have heard of it already. Video producer Murad lets his girlfriend lead him through some of the most beautiful places around the world. Fairly hard to describe – you’ll have to take a look to understand what the fuss is all about!

4) Live Green Healthy
If healthy food inspo is what you’re after then this account provides mountains of inspiration. From a million ways to eat avo on toast to yummy pasta and creative salads. *Warning: be prepared to be hungry as soon as you look as you open the page up*


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