Friday Favourites: Candles, Nail Polish and Fresh Tortellini


The White Company four-wick candle in Flowers

I currently have something of a candle obsession. I think I have anywhere between 8-10 candles on the go in my flat at the moment and because of this have been banned from purchasing any more. However, I just couldn’t resist this little gem! I’ve been lusting after the large Diptyque four-wick candle in Selfridges for months, but there’s just no way I can justify the hefty £180 price tag any time soon. Even The White Company candles are pretty pricey but I found this one reduced in the corner of their Westfields store, down from £50 to just £25 so I had to have it. As the name suggests it’s a very subtle floral smell which is particularly pretty, especially as we are coming into spring. It’s perhaps not quite as nice smelling as the Mustique version I bought my mum for Christmas but lovely all the same. I would highly recommend candles from The White Company – what’s your favourite scent from their collection?


Sally Hanson Miracle Cure Nail Polish range

I’ve been a fan of Sally Hanson nail polish for a long time, and have recently rediscovered her products. Over the past year I loved having shellac manicures on a fairly regular basis, however having totted up how much I spent on my nails during that year, I was horrified – surely there was a better way to get the job done for a lot less and put that money towards something more practical… like a Chanel handbag for example?!

That’s where the ‘Miracle Cure’ polish came in. It’s worth investing in a good quality nail varnish and using this stuff over the top and BOOM, the manicure will last you all week. It’s THAT good! I’ve just bought the Strengthening and the Growth Treatment versions and can’t wait to try them out.


Fresh tortellini from Borough Market

This is such a treat to have over the weekend. A large portion (1kg, enough for 4-5 people) of this will set you back £14 but is worth every penny. We bought this from the La Tua in Borough Market, London – a market place staple since 2006, it is THE place to get fresh pasta in London. Each tortellini is carefully hand-folded and filled with ricotta and spinach (my absolute fave). It’s a family run business from Italy so everything they create is authentic Italian food. To cook the pasta it needs just three minutes in boiling water and is ready to go. No need to serve it with anything fancy, you don’t want a sauce that will overpower the fresh flavours so it’s generally best served along with either a dash of oil or butter to finish it. What is your favourite food market in your city?

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