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I thought I would share with you some of my travel essentials that I generally take with me on short, European trips. I recently went to Milan – it’s a quick one hour and a half flight and I was there for two days so no need for hold luggage, meaning everything for the trip was packed up in my carry-on case.

When I’m on a short break, and taking everything in my carry-on, I try not to take too many make-up products with me, mostly because I don’t have room for it and secondly, because I’m always terrified that if I take some of my more expensive products with me that I may be forced to dispose of them going through baggage check.

Here’s what I took:

1) Foundation– one of my favourites from last year is the L’Oreal infallible 24 hr-matte foundation. This stuff is so easy to apply and lasts all day – just what I’m after when I’m busy all day working and won’t have the time to top-up. It’s definitely one of the best drug-store foundations on the market.


2) Concealer – Nars radiant creamy concealer. I have this in a couple of shades lighter than my foundation so it acts as a kind of highlighter, especially under the eyes. I find the consistency and staying power to be the best I’ve tried, it’s well worth spending the extra pennies on an amazing product like this. I’ve just about finishing mine after using it sparingly for about a year and will be repurchasing soon. Like I need an excuse to take a trip to Space NK!


3) Sleek contouring and blush palette – I’ve used this every day since I bought it – one of the best all-in-one pallete’s around, and the blush really reminds me of Nars orgasm (my fave). This product is perfect for fuss-free travel as it combines three products in one! When i’m travelling, I also use the highlight shade as an eyeshadow and also the contour shade if I want to add some definition. You can tell it’s well loved as I’ve almost ‘hit pan’. The value for money from this is pretty incredible, I think I paid around the £10 mark.

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4) Eyeliner – I use the Rimmel ‘Glam eyes’, I like to way it glides on and will last all day, it’s got a really good pigment so ‘faf’ is minimal. I’ve tried many Gell eyeliners and this is by far the best, it doesn’t dry out like SO many other products and I can’t seem to get on with anything else now. I’ve just purchased my second one and i’m currently using it daily – so not just when i’m travelling.

5) Lipstick – If I want to add some colour, I brought with me my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 38, this is such a pretty shade ‘nude’ shade that goes with basically every look. It’s a great ‘all rounder’ of a lipstick and one of the most popular shades in that range as it’s ALWAYS sold out! When I manage to get my hands on one I usually take the opportunity to stock up. I currently have one in my office draw for afternoon touch ups. I think I came across this from a old recommendation from ‘Zoella’ and it’s totally lived up to the hype.


6) Lipgloss – I brought with me the Tanya Burr tip gloss in the shade ‘picnic in the park‘, this sits perfectly on my lipstick and adds a bit more colour and shine to the look. I will use this before I go out to dinner if I’m wanting to look like I’ve made a bit more effort.


7) Mascara – I’ve got the L’Oreal ‘volume million lashes’. This does the trip nicely and I can build up the volume depending on what sort of look I’m going for. Again it’s one of my ‘go to’ drug store make up items as it’s cheap and probably better than any of the high end products I’ve tried. Either that or the Max Factor version.


8) Eyeliner Kohl pencil – I brought with me a No.7 ‘stay perfect’ black pencil, just in case I want a bold evening look. My mother recommended this to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. The product has high pigment and at the moment I’m favouring it over my Chanel version.

These are all the make-up items that I took on the trip, I feel like I’ve got my essentials covered so I can create a variety of looks while I’m away but without bringing loads of products with me. I think the Sleek palette has to be the best find as it’s such an all-rounder of a product in one package and is amazing value for what you get. If I could only recommend one product from all these items, that would be it hands-down!

What beauty essentials do you travel with?



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