Fight those blemishes: Five simple tips


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The most common area of the face for pesky blemishes to crop up is the chin and jawline area. This can be down to a number of reasons – hormones, diet, smoking, stress or even being unlucky in the gene pool. Blemishes can occur when our pores or hair follicles become clogged as a result of things such as excess oil ( from hormones/make-up) or dead skin cells. I’ve found some of the below tips and tricks really helpful to try and keep Mr Pimple at bay. Let me know what you have found to work for you.


1) Try a natural disinfectant and soothing remedy

There is a reason natural substance like Tea tree, Oregano, Bergamot etc. are recommended and have proved effective for skin treatments. They act to hydrate and have natural anti-inflammatory components which soothe and calm aggravated skin.

Tea tree oil was introduced to me by my mother about 10 years ago and has always been the first thing I reach for when my skin is playing up. I first used it in the oil form when you could only buy it from your local pharmacy and have since gone on to discover the Superdrug line with an array of different products. If you can eradiate your blemishes using natural products then why would you reach for something chemical based?


2) Regularly clean your mobile phone

This sounds like an obvious one but is something I hadn’t thought of until I read some pretty horrendous stats about the general hygiene condition of our mobile phones. The average handset is said to carry 18 times more harmful germs than a toilet handle in a men’s bathroom! The Survey, conducted by Which? magazine states that 14.7 million of the 63 million mobile phones in the UK could have potential health hazards attached to them.

It’s definitely worth giving it a clean once a week to erase your phone as a source of the problem. I do this by using a partially damp microfiber cloth sprayed with a minuscule amount of disinfectant cleaner, while cleaning in small circular motions.


3) Check your diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is obviously important for your health in all kinds of ways but is also important for your skin. I’m a big believer of ‘everything in moderation’ and generally try to stick to being as healthy as I can be Mon-Fri with the weekend being my treat days. Recently I’ve been reading about how dairy can impact on your skin and bring out acne – apparently dairy is a mucus forming substance, which as it is treated with artificial hormones, can result in a hormone unbalance in your body resulting in breakouts. I’m not sure of the level of evidence that links the two but I’ve decided I’m going to reduce my intake over a two week period and see if I notice a difference. Same goes for sugar, although sugar is now said to be the cause of all our problems. Whether this is the case or not I try to stick to avoid it and stick to naturally occurring sugars like those in fruit and veg.


4) Take ALL your make-up off EVERY night

I’ll be the first person to admit that I reach for a face wipe almost every day to get rid of the make-up on my face. I know, I know – this doesn’t get all the make-up off but it is the first step in my skin care regime and I’m loathed to change it. I’ve tried the Liz Earl skin cleaner but it breaks me out big time and I feel like the thick creamy consistency could be pore-clogging. I’ll use one or two face wipes first, depending on the amount of make-up I have on, then I go in with a cleanser such as one from the tea-tree range to ensure there isn’t anything I’ve missed. After this, I may go on to use a facial wash such as one from the Clean and Clear range which gently exfoliates the skin. This ensures that there is no make-up left on my face what so ever. I then like to use an anti-blemish moisturiser – Clean and Clear also do a good one.

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5) If all else fails turn to the strong stuff: Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid

Products containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can help as they are known to completely clean the skin and kill bacteria. They can reach deep into the blocked pore touching the surface of the blemish and act to reduce it. The down side to this is that they do have stripping qualities that strip the skin’s natural oils and can lead to dry flaky skin. The trick is to use very small quantities of it and to only dab it on the affected area. I’m actually borrowing my boyfriend’s at the moment which does the job.

I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know what your regime is to ensure you are break-out free.





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