Five steps to inject more happiness into your day


1) Make the morning count
I’m guilty of leaving minimal time to get up and out of the house in time for work but recently I’ve been going to bed earlier and allowing myself some extra time in the morning, adding some more ‘me time’ to the day has really made a difference in my over-all mood. Adding an extra 20 minutes to my morning means I can make breakfast, get dressed (and actually think about what I want to wear rather than grabbing the nearest thing I can find) put some make up on and spend some extra time with my other half. I find this also helps me to start the day in a good mood before the dreaded commute.

2) Eat well and take a break
One of my resolutions was to cut out the naughty treats from my diet – chocolate, anything sugary and generally eat better. As boring as it sounds, I find I have my energy for the working day and by making time to have a proper lunch break, this really perks me up. Even better if you can make time to sit with your colleagues and make the effort to get to know someone new.

3) Do something for you every day
This can mean something as small as reading your book at lunch or on your commute, taking a bath, or researching your next holiday or book an activity. I’ve found doing these little things for myself makes the day more manageable and feels like I’m taking care of my wellbeing in some way.

4) Add some laughter
Sometimes, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the stresses of work which can become all-consuming at the time, then a week later, you forget why you were so worried. Find some time to see the fun side of things and smile, remember that everything usually works out in the end and comes to a resolution.

5) Get moving
An obvious but oh so true tip. Exercise makes a huge difference to our over all mood, it’s great for mind, body and soul. This year I’m making an effort to try some new classes at the gym and commit to three sessions a week minimum. Small steps!


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  1. danielle
    2nd February 2016 / 4:00 pm

    love this! i’ve made myself into more of a morning person and i think it’s really helped, definitely need to work on the exercise part though!

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